The 7 Interior Design Mistakes

First Do not forget ... "WOW effect"

We've seen all. Sometimes, it's almost impossible to describe it. Anyone trying to create this spectacular effect your home or business, but it is very difficult to achieve. It is really an art to create a "WOW" effect. Most architects and interior designers to change their career and think about one or two projects which are most proud of. In these cases, they have managed to combine all the elements together to create the inside and ... "WOW" effect.

If you start your new house project, goal setting and visual effects for this project is very high. If a design team members will see that you are enthusiastic about the project will follow your example, which leads to less dramatic effect.

There will be many days when it seems that every idea that is presented is far from drama. In this case, sleep on it, and take your Interior Design project with you in bed. Remember the importance of emotions and visions of the project. The following day, you will be amazed at the number of ideas that arise. Not sure how it works ... just know it.

Second Oops ... Determine a clear idea of ​​the project

Often, when we start a project, we are therefore keen to start, we will send, choose the color of the walls of our favorites and began painting. Then we will begin our search for the other layers of the project. Unfortunately, many times the effect is always to create the drama we had hoped.

Important - At the beginning of each project, and before anything bought or painted wall, you'll see the whole project from start to finish. You will find a dramatic finish, texture or fabric, which would require a different shade of color or change the direction of the inside completely.

The majority of people downplay the importance of this step. They invest a lot of time this process. But if you want to create a dramatic interior design project, you must complete your video project from start to finish. There is no simple way to do so. The more specific information, the greater the chances for dramatic effect.

Third Funding ... Create a budget for Interior Design

Therefore, it is important to set a budget for your interior design project. The cost of the interior is much swing in the price. Once you have established your budget, which will provide the necessary structure and ensure that your project will be completed on time.

Throughout the design process, new ideas are introduced, which may increase its budget for Interior Design. There are many interior design projects are completed in several phases. Most of us have unlimited resources.

Unambiguously determine the approximate cost of the project proposal inner world, provides the necessary structure for this process.

At this point you can decide whether your project is divided into several stages. Break the project into action from within will ensure that your project will finance the inside, just a collection of design effects could be without their original vision.

Now you can concentrate on creating a vision and drama without becoming overwhelmed by the amount of financial projects. Do not start the interior design, until you have established a budget of Interior Design for the project. This will be the basis for the project, and release their energy to focus on ... Creative Interior Design and dramatic.

4 Capture your ideas, always begins with "design board" ...

Similar thoughts within a dramatic wind. You must catch all of them when they go i. Most people do this, but it is such a landmark.

In creating the interior of the project so that all your design ideas on the screen or board. These boards are often called the concept or mood boards.

It is much easier to try new colors, materials, textures and ideas. You have the feeling that "wow effect" magic starts to happen and interior design project has a shape.

Focus your creative energies, it is necessary to create a "WOW" effect. There are no shortcuts or easy ways to create a dramatic design. We've seen all interior projects where the investment is just a more creative thinking and focus, may have produced a more dramatic effect.

When your ideas are put on the drawing board, visually, you can feel what creates the drama, and what it does. The introduction of new ideas is much easier and the process starts flowing.

And finally, never, forget the moment when everything is working and has the shape of your interior design project. Almost as a "Runners High". All interior elements finally got together, it creates a dramatic vision of your project.

If you really want to create a "wow" effect do skip this step was critical. Your investment is too large, not to make dramatic come into force. Use of the Council or the Council, the draft guidance on all internal project.