Creating Your Perfect Home Office

Whether your workplace is Open Office, room, spacious home office or small corner, tuned at the beginning of 2012 can help you to face the year with a new vision and the result will be increased productivity , better organization and the workplace is more inspiring and enjoyable.

Starting from scratch

There are three basic principles for each workplace, table, chairs and lighting. Check out the best for the job, and the best you can afford to do these three things are not only affects your work, but your comfort and health.

Desk Tidy is equivalent to think clearly. If space permits, choose a nice big table and save the next table, a large bright room you feel organized and focused every time you sit down to work. Enter the table by the window, if possible, a lot of natural light, if you find that you tend to daydream while looking out the window, and then around the table. Thus, you can continue to use the light, and can turn around and see if you have some spare time. Bring some inspiration and life to your workspace with one or two carefully chosen pieces that you might like to take a picture and unique.

If you spend many hours in the chair is worth the money for something that supports a good ergonomic position - reduces pain and allows a piece of good work in comfort without distraction. For the base model with spin, arms, adjustable chairs and a mechanism for adapting most. Design a sleek match with the agency will ensure unity in the room, so look for something appropriate and complementary colors and materials that appeal to you, leather is luxurious and a great selection of material for each use a day.

Natural light is important in the workplace. If you have enough light, you have control over the window coverings and as a limited natural light ensure optimum location on your desk in the neighborhood. Do we need additional task lighting for evening or special activities. Look for lights that can move and control, adjustable arm, spinning lamp light nice and important things to look for.

Storage, storage,storage,
You are not a lot necessarily, just the right type, and the choice not necessarily be limited to filing cabinet ugly. First look at what you need to save, and consider the systems you are taking, or if you want to install. Keep everything in place and have easy access to them? In this case, your board nearby warehouse, or a pile of things rather than sort and file once it's done? If you need more you can get away with this method of storage units on the other side of the room, but that the number of desk drawers are useful for stash current work will help keep your desk clear and clean. The library integrates storage behind doors, drawers and open shelves will tick all the boxes for most offices, storage drawer stationery for the present prosaic and open shelves for displaying books and magazines, or something that 'It inspires you.

For agencies, storage drawers Jett is suitable for offices and pieces that need fast access. It folds neatly and space in offices, or at the table (this is the appropriate height for the printer) module.

There is no room for the library? Use shelves shelves floating in small groups in an unused corner of the wall, select the file, the magazine attractive for storing documents, and again one or two items of personal nature.

If you have the luxury of space

Chair or chair reading a splendid luxury. Being able to sit comfortably while reading reports, or even a magazine, give rest and inspiration to continue working. Can a great choice for those who focus on the easy way, but you move somewhere else to change the environment and re-focus. A great idea for people who work in their homes, although they tend to move to the couch if you want to cut a convenient chair, is a great place to read or think time, without distractions come on TV.


If you work from home, you have the luxury to be able to create your work space decorated with what inspires you, whether in color prints, photographs, a pile of books and pictures placed on the bulletin board above the desk, or plants and flowers. For the Home Office, Achieving a balance between home and professional, are often key to maintaining the organization and motivation. For those with corporate offices in style, there is less possibility of adapting the space, looking for some funky desk accessories, while ensuring that your workspace organized and inject some fun!