Popular Styles Of Bathroom Design

The bathroom has come along way over the last hundred years. Once just a basic bath fireplace in the living room and buckets filled with water, now a luxurious bathing experience in almost every western home. Then "bathroom" was something only the rich and privileged could afford in their home. It was this trend, leading to mass production of bathroom products.

Idra style of the period is still a popular choice today. They look beautiful villa or cottage room, and never lose their appeal in terms of design.

Today, thanks to modern technology and modern bathroom, bathroom, and if it could have evolved. With steam baths and hydrotherapy luxury, it is difficult to imagine how they get any more sophisticated bathrooms. This means that in the bathroom, as well as every room in the house changes, in terms of design trends.

Here we look at five popular styles of bathroom design. Traditional, Country, Shabby chic, contemporary and fantasy.


Traditional bathroom can mean in terms of traditional Idra style, or in relation to the standard white bathroom with tub and basic hygiene. Here we look at the style of the bathroom, where it all started. Edwardian bathroom.

Over the past decade, the popularity of television shows such as changing rooms, bathrooms recovery trend seen real old-fashioned. It can sort of rare treasure old rusty bell or traditional batteries available in the scrap yard or in a shop, but fortunately manufacturers keep up with demand, beautifully crafted traditional bathroom products.

Certain rooms only work in certain stores, so it will not if you live in a modern multi-storey traditional residential bathroom work for you. If you have an old cottage or villa retreat this style of bathroom is the one that would certainly be considered.

Almost always, the pool is the centerpiece of the attraction of traditional bathroom. Independent blind or type slipper is proud to be sitting on the dark polished floors, and only go to the bathroom a traditional style that will appeal Continental bet or sunken tub hold. Either battery or wall still looks classy. Deep ridges and curved angles are what makes the traditional sanitary ware what it is - a bold and masculine.

When decorating a bathroom traditional colors and subtle and bright colors work well. Strong colors of brown, gray and green provides heat to the room, but make sure the bathroom is well lit, perhaps with a rich chandelier. With the right color, the ancient gold looks better than Chrome. Take-off curtains, blinds. When it comes to a piece of furniture, rather than the traditional basin and pedestal, choose oak or cherry design, or white Cynk looks great pride in traditional style and a toilet.

One of the most interesting things about the traditional bathroom is clutter gives more vividly, in fact, so the look is traditional. Do not worry much with pictures on the walls - black and white family portraits in gold frames look good. Changing table or a corner table, scented candles, aromatherapy oils and flower beds to really come alive. As a finishing touch, the old-style set of scales, large framed mirror or bulky traditional radiator will provide space in a welcoming atmosphere, old-fashioned feel.


Country-style bathroom, perhaps, the simplest type of construction as well as traditional bathroom only really works well in the house right. A classic country look best associated with floral wallpaper, high beams, basin frills cabins and bath. Following the traditional design, cast iron baths and sanitary ware deep ridge is what gives the country bathroom its nostalgic look.

Check, floral or party scenes are preferred over roller blinds and shutters, though rare in England, offers a great way to add privacy and impact the earth. Wood plays a major role in the appearance and almost all furniture works in this environment, especially beech, maple, ash and oak cabinets and lockers.

It can either tile or wood floors will be used. The rustic tiles are stained and can be used to create mosaic work. Wooden floors are covered with furniture. Decorating can be seen as a technique used motif painted border and paint scrapes on the walls give the space a sponge, who wears a natural look.

WC with high level of the tank and pulling the strings is very rare these days, but it must be for a, bathroom country as well as traditional batteries to have a bath and wash basin. Almost any form of independent baths are designed for a country bathroom. If you have a shower in tiled shower suitable variation of the contents of the hinge area.

To complete the addition of wicker baskets full of pots Nouri, shelves, wire baskets and elegant wall lamps.

Shabby Chic

"Shabby Chic", which is a relatively new term used to describe the space plan is a combination of neglect and obscure style. It is one of the most difficult bathroom designs, and this requires courageous decision to go to this type of bathroom. It is almost certain to reach its full potential in continental interior, either French chateau or old Spanish Villa.

The absolute opposite the bathroom, shabby chic look in a mismatch of styles and products. You can even do the unexpected, like putting a refrigerator in the corner. Anything adapt and tubes and pipes can be seen rather than hidden. The style is best suited for those who have inherited a bathroom and want to update just not a fork on a brand new bathroom.

The key to decoration is neutral tones with a few dark colors. For the walls choose matte or flat wall paint. Golden yellow light and work very well, flowers or check patterned wallpaper.

As for the land and traditional bathrooms, cast iron baths have. You are blind or who will do such a sleeper if you do not want holes or rust, the more it looks up, the better. Even the grinding of colors and claw feet. It is always worth a look for old fittings at antique shops and car boot sales.

Anti basin is strongly recommended at this location, and watch out for the rare decorated with patterns. Put it in the sink or vanity unit running down. Add unique ornaments and mirrors framed by ancient.


Bathrooms is about what to do with the space you have. In many bathrooms are a lot of room to work, so that the best use of space is essential. That's why bathrooms fitted so popular today. After his bathroom furniture itself is one of the most practical design solutions growing in the bathroom.

How many of us have a bathroom with a closet filled with broadcasts? The modern bathroom is required for toiletries, towels and cleaning things around the boiler. With built-in cupboards, cabinets and cupboards all the space you need.

In the treatment of modern bathroom design, hanging furniture alone. White shiny never goes out of fashion, but recently the furniture ends up as wenge, beech and maple have made real progress in popularity.

In addition to furniture, hanging toilet is a great space saving solution, while in the bathroom look modern. Also concealed cistern units in the eyes look more attractive than the standard close-coupled toilet.

Showerbaths is a very practical way to maximize the space that allows comfort and bath and shower. Showers are also very popular in bathrooms, shower and if buying for a modern bathroom choose one with a structure Chrome over white.

Chrome and stainless steel is the perfect choice in a modern bathroom taps and bath mixers are available in a variety of contemporary designs, rather than the traditional style faucets. Also choose Chrome towel over standard white radiators, as well as the corresponding chrome accessories ..

Feel free to decorate with bold colors, such as tiles or painting them as a right rather than Chrome and polish. When using a curtain with subtle designs and colors, but rather go for stylish roller blinds.


Dare to be something more than ordinary, fantasy bathrooms can be really innovative with your imagination and taste. With an emphasis on futuristic, this style of bathroom is the antithesis of the traditional.

Fantasy design in bathrooms altogether more ideal, as with all futuristic interior large open spaces in what brings peace. Whirlpool baths and steam cabins are the ideal choice for shower and bath. Or a combination of both, well-designed bath and shower screen glass panels. Because of their low impact, showers and work well with modern tiling, chrome shower mixers shower and smart lighting.

It covers installation, or barely hanging standard toilet and wash basin with pedestal with acute angles and contemporary design. Summary hang towels and furniture wenge fit well into a series of fantasy that is almost unreal calm atmosphere.

The highest in the luxury bathroom TV waterproof fantasy. You might even consider doubling bathrooms and gymnasium, along with exercise bike and rowing machine.

Ornaments should be unobtrusive, so choose as a small pile of pebbles and modern wall prints on candles and Tat.