Tips for Choosing Log Furniture

If only love that rustic look, and are finally ready to finally buy log furniture for your home, there are some "rules of thumb" that can help make the right choices.

Start by looking at the style of your home. Do you have a large country house of wood? Or are you looking for a rustic touch to add one or more rooms of the house more conventional?

Size is everything

The houses that large blocks, ceilings and large tend to feature requires a different flavor of a large rural counterparts furniture classic. If large logs in the walls of your room, or if you have a fireplace made of stone sample from Montana, you will need to look for your log furniture enormous. Otherwise, your log furniture seem smaller and insignificant.

Even the furniture for your log cabin with 8-inch logs, a few large pieces of furniture will be better than small ones. Larger furniture makes a room feel complete without disorder.

If your room has a cathedral ceiling, a log can help fill the dimensions of the canopy bed. There is a lot you can do with art and lighting to make the best use of your space.

Types of wood

A wide variety of trees are used to create furniture in rural areas. Here is a list of some available on our website:

Steam-bent Hickory

Hickory is very durable, flexible wood. Many a child to climb on top of the pole down Hickory green because it is the product of the weight without breaking. When heated with steam for a period of time, Hickory poles can easily be formed in various unique pieces of furniture. The poles are steamed placed in a mold and let dry. They are very rigid and retain this shape when dry.

Hickory steam bending is strong enough to be used for equipment such as hammers and axes, and unpeeled Hickory accounts for one of the best selling lines of log furniture. The Amish use steam-bent to Hickory chairs, the feet of dining tables, coffee tables, and rockers.

White cedar

White cedar grows in northern Michigan and Canada. It withstands the abuse of seasonal elements without breaking or rotting like other trees. It is light brown very well that the fresh earth.

It is silver gray with age, but can be treated with a good finish to help keep its color. You will notice cracks, some minor and some major furniture in your country. It occurs naturally in the drying process and adds to the rural aspect of our products. Cracks does not affect the function or design of our furniture. They are not a manufacturing defect, but a natural part of seasoning, enhancing the beauty of wood.

Red Cedar

The most surprising thing about Red Cedar (also known as red cedar) is not a family member cedar at all, belongs to the family instead of gin. Everyone knows the deep aromatic smell of cedar. The wood is heavy, and naturally resistant to insects and rot.

Clothing will be stored in a red cedar chest will be protected against moths. Red cedar has tight knots that add character and beauty. Sometimes it is violet, but are usually reddish brown and finally even when preserved. Furniture will be built with red cedar will last a long time and certainly can be passed from generation to generation.

Shopping for quality

Not all log furniture is created equal - no matter how i. Elegant and comfortable quality of materials used in log furniture, used and manufacturing is very diverse - and this is often reflected in the price. Although there are still some bargains to be, to be sure they get what you pay for in log furniture.

With this thought in mind, you can buy the best furniture. It seems better and longer if you do. Also, look for trees or solid wood furniture (as opposed to plywood or veneered particle board). Solid wood furniture tends to show less wear on the joints and fittings, and also to better respond to seasonal changes in humidity.

Look for well-designed, carefully crafted connections. Dove-tailed drawers are especially known to be together. If you want your furniture is finished, to take an equally long, difficult and applied. A word to salvation: if you are experienced in applying furniture finish, leave the finishing of furniture.

Choosing a Log Furniture Store

Be on your guard - there are a wide variety of customer service between log furniture stores. If you plan to shop in search of a furniture shop where quality and customer service are both very important. I have seen log furniture manufacturers and stores that always deliver late, and I saw the delivery of quality time in disorder.

Search stories on the site you are considering. Call and speak with a salesman in the furniture store log. A word to salvation - sites that log furniture log furniture drop ship much less control over quality than those who build, finish and / or ship the furniture themselves.

The furniture store is the ideal online newspapers has many repeat customers who not only buy their store, but recommend to others. Quality stores are interested in more quickly than sales. They understand the value of offering high quality log furniture - furniture that will last a lifetime and really adds little to your home country.