What Are The Different Kinds Of Tiles For Kitchen Flooring?

For many years, the options for kitchen floors tiles limited to linoleum and vinyl. These materials are long-wearing bag is relatively easy to clean and a choice of many people in the household. However, in recent decades has greatly increased options tiled kitchen and was included contractors and homeowners alike.

Vinyl tiles

Still the most popular choice of kitchen tiles, vinyl is an affordable, low maintenance, and if your skin type and stick, you can install floors without hiring a contractor. Another advantage of vinyl tile is an ideal place if it is damaged or tiles, the entire floor of a new color or style to replace.

Ceramics, porcelain tiles and Terra Cotta

Ceramic and terra cotta tile to resist stains and durable, waterproof and relatively easy to clean. The panels come in many colors and finishes, but are easy to cut and dropped or stolen from the pan and knives, in the case of ceramic tiles, the damage is obvious, because the color or pattern on the face panel only. Porcelain tiles are very similar to ceramic tile and just as easy chips. However, the colors and patterns on porcelain tile, penetrating so that no damage is visible.

Cork and rubber tiles

And is often called the green tiles on the basis of its renewable natural rubber and cork tiles kitchen is very good for people who often spend much time cooking and standing. Both types provide a soft surface to prevent excessive load on leg muscles and back. Some kitchens are cork and rubber tiles just placed on the oven and sink, where the length is the most common.

Possibilities stone tiles

Granite, slate and travertine tile kitchen gives an elegant look. Granite tiles are stain resistant and slip resistant surface, but are high maintenance. They often require sweeping or vacuuming to be followed on the quartz grains are commonly found in dirt to prevent scratches on the surface and destroy targets. Slate floors slip and dirt, but in only three colors, which are difficult to coordinate with any kitchen decor. Travertine, a type of limestone should be sealed to the absorption of stains and sealants to prevent the floor dangerously slippery when wet.

Reflections kitchen tiles

Before choosing kitchen countertops, think how heavy traffic will be and how many hours you spend sitting in the cooking and cleaning. Compare options will be covered with colors and finishes for cabinets and appliances to ensure that they complement each other. With regard to the amount of time you are willing to pay for cleaning and maintenance. If children or cooks, who tend to be heavy pots and pans in the kitchen are often, choose a floor with a high strength and durability.