Window Treatments for an In-Law Suite

In-law apartments are increasingly popular choice for the senior community or assisted living facility. Once the law is set to be built or rebuilt, decorated the first decision is how to dress the window. The main criteria are the needs of lone parents. Keeping that in mind, the ideal window treatment with these things six.

First Provides privacy

Older people generally complete privacy in the bedroom and bathroom as well as the windows have coatings that can be closed completely. For the bathroom, light filtering shades blinds, or curtains, which may be open or closed, is the easiest for older adults.

Second Pleasant Prospects

Older at retirement is often not as much as ever, especially in their old age. Most older still want to feel outside. Windows overlooking the lawn or garden to make curtains or colors that can be opened fully. Roman colors are elegant alternative to blinds and home owners with a seamless view of the garden.

If the correct apartment has French doors or sliding glass doors to terrace, a full length curtains are fully dissolved, so that parents will go to the terrace. Avoid curtains that are hard to move away while opening the door.

Let the third light

Many in-law suite in daylight basement on the wall in this window. Because one side to illuminate the entire basement in-law suite, that homeowners are careful to buy something that blocks light. Some of the full length of curtain wall sliding windows allow light into the basement living room as beautiful as the first floor.

4 It is easy to open and close

Even if the parent is active, in-law suite disabled altogether. Motor with window treatments can even remote control will be managed by the bed when a parent becomes ill. All curtains, blinds or colors to be acting from a wheelchair if necessary.

5 It provides a good night

As people age, they find it harder to sleep and sleep. Room darkening shades and blinds can solve this problem, especially if outdoor lighting.

6 Suitable for specific health problems

If a parent has breathing problems like asthma or emphysema, the ideal solution is something that will not collect dust or require that irritating cleaning solutions. Doctors usually recommend blinds, because dust accumulation on them. Although the curtains once boring, now come in many styles and colors. Light-filtering tints woven into the fabric designs are particularly attractive. Wood treatment prominent peak shapes that are easy to clean.