What Is Interior Design and How Is It Different From Interior Decorating?

On this route should be trying to answer the question "What is the interior design", National Council for Interior Design Qualifications include the following definition: "a multi-faceted profession in which creative and technical solutions in the structure of the device with the built environment is the solutions in practice, is improving. quality of life and culture of the passengers and attractive aesthetic. "Compared with the definitions established for decorating the encyclopedia", also known interior designer and the person whose job plan for ornament and decoration of houses, shops, etc. "and" a person whose professional painting and home decoration "

Well, this is understandable, based on the above two definitions, why there are two camps. One camp argues that the interior designer will be held at a higher level of education and many other responsibilities and composition of the interior, and then a bunch of them all together as one and the same. There are people who love branded version of the architect and those who see them as a house painter. No wonder there is confusion in the ranks.

To answer the question. "Is there a difference or not, it made Google search for" level interior designer "and a positive response to the results returned for" interior designer "and not as a keyword search may be reasonable to conclude that, because degree in interior design, interior design but, there is a difference.

So, where should the line between designer and decorator? After returning to the above two definitions, one can distinguish the difference. Definitions for the designer refers to the "built closed" while the artist refers to "planning and equipment as the main activity. Level designer of power and responsibility to call the cracks of walls, floors, windows, lighting, electrical engineering, but also offers several pieces of furniture and design. In short, the scope of their role includes responsibility for decoration, but it goes much further.

Often the designer to understand the needs of the person or company is hired to lead a comfortable and attractive for the "eye sees", which means that those who pay the freight. This requires the designer to the question: "What is inside the eyes of my employer?"

Decide how the living space as large corporations to small national chain restaurants, which must be visually appealing in many parts of the country with a common design is very challenging. The requirement to understand the many different fields, including development, map reading information on building codes, and access to a long list of performers who can do business with the specifications, in the decoration of some of the additional requirements internal isolation.

They often specialize in specific areas such as hotels, casinos, restaurants and other businesses that may be revised from time to time plans for your business looking for comfortable yet attract, develop skills designers generally do not play out all their particular area of ​​expertise. What hospital was set up to look like that much of what they find in the casino. Perhaps a better example to determine how to proceed subject to the southwestern Mexican restaurant chain in places like Seattle, St. Louis, Charlotte, Pittsburgh and Boston. This can not generally accepted in the inner regions will be received in another country.

On the question "What is inside?" in the current environment, we should start thinking about going green and looking for ways to reduce non-renewable energy consumption will be reduced. How to create a space with lots of natural light, but the individual is exposed to burning sun? How to install solar panels on the development of solar heating in cooler climates without losing the charm and atmosphere of aesthetic marble floors? These are the challenges of today's designers. It is good that they enjoy their job.

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